I have found that building guitars can become a rather addictive process.  Already having built three, I look forward to continuing to build them in the future. Listening to a home built sing through an amplifier for the first time is an amazing event.  Pulling sounds out of the ether by your own skills.  Priceless.


I was on Cadillac's Mix 96 on June 18th, 2009, at 10:00 PM, being interviewed by Billy B. on the Mix Local Music Spotlight with Billy B. discussing 8 songs that I had recently recorded, and the demo CD I put together named Forgotten Youth.

6 sample songs from demo CD Forgotten Youth (these may take a moment to download to your computer's player):

I'm Gonna Color My Sky

by Buck featuring: Tony Party, Derek Fricano,

Paul Bayer, Justin Dratson and 10$ Lunch

Michigan's Interstate Cathedral (Asphalt Rails)

By Buck

Night Shade

By Buck

What Yah Gonna Do?

By Buck

Bridge of Sadness

By Buck


by Buck

Sketches & Misc.

What follows are drawings from my sketchbooks, as well as some examples that were done for students in class.  I will be adding to this on a regular basis.


Cab Calloway, Pencil


Eric Clapton, Pencil


SRV, Pencil


Jimi Hendrix, Pencil


SRV, Pencil


Bird Study, Pencil


Cow Skull Study, Pencil


Frog, Pencil


Components of Hands, Pencil


Ibex, 20 minutes, Pencil


Pelvis and Femur, Pencil


Posture Study, Pencil


Random Bone, Pencil


Helter Skelter Loser, Linoleum Cut


Chimp Study, Pencil


Frog Study, Pencil


Gorilla Study, Pencil


Rhino Study, Pencil


Octopus Study, Pencil

Peaceful Life, Scratch Art on Painted Glass


John, Scratch Art


Pine River, Class of 2006, Scratch Art


E=MC2, Scratch Art


Daddy and Daughter, Scratch Art


Queen, Scratch Art


Toddler, Scratch Art


Tom Wyatt, Scratch Art


Baby, Scratch Art