Celebrity Endorsements:

"To Scott,

I Like Your Work!

Dennis Gage"

(Host of The Speed Channels, "My Classic Car" , Received autograph during the 2007 St. Ignace Car Show"My Classic Car" Taping.)


"Scott: We like this one. We like it a lot!"

-Mari and Mark Romanack in response to Precision Angling logo.

Mark is the host of the new television show Fishing 411, and author of Precision Angling, of which, both logos were created by Buck.

Customer Endorsements:

"I just received the picture. OMG! It's beautiful. I can't thank you enough. My husband is going to LOVE IT!!!!

Tracy Busha"

"Absolutely stunning................. It gave me goose bumps when the file opened. You have captured her magnificently."

-Suz Knapp


You've captured her to perfection; eye catching without the glitz; the perfect Lady."

-Suz Knapp

"Hi Buck----

The picture looks great-----Thank you so much---I'm sure he will love it."

-Heather Cade


Sorry I haven't responded sooner. Hope you weren't worried.  I had to go out of town and got back today. The first thing my secretary told me was that "I got a package delivered last Thursday!"  It arrived safely.  I was so excited to open it and it was even more than I had imagined it would be.  I can't thank you enough.  I know my wife will love and cherish it for a long, long time.
You do wonderful work!

Thank you again,
Tom Rollins"

"I get lots of compliments on the drawing. It was great to have you at the show!"

-Ed & Donna Ryan, Cooridnators of the Nostalgia Production's St. Ignace Car Show's and Truck Show's vendors.  Buck was a guest artist for The St. Ignace Car Show and the Truck show in the summer and fall for the last 3 years, Owner of Ryan's Resale Rat Rod, Cofounder of St. Ignace's LowCash RiDerz.


"Buck, Received artwork yesterday... They look great."

-Don Deniston, owner of '53 Mercury, '55 Chevy.