To Contact Buck with Questions, Thoughts, Comments or Orders:


Phone: 1-231-884-0348

Commissions on Art Work, Vehicle and Otherwise:


11" x 14"  $125.00 +S/H/I Old Skool Car Caricatures.

12" x 12"  $125.00 + S/H/I Fine Art Renderings.

12" x 18"  $225.00 + S/H/I Fine Art Renderings.

These prices are for one vehicle on one piece of paper.  If you are in my area, or at the particular car show I attend, at the time I will gladly photograph your vehicle for a portrait.  I know the angles that will complement your vehicle, and what looks good on what size of paper.  The 12" x 12" is generally better for a more straight on view of either the front or the back of the vehicle.  The 12" x 18" lends itself better to a more side on view, however it also works well with a front or back end view too.  If you decide to send me a picture that too can work, however, I do reserve the right to ask you to take another picture of it from a different angle.  I want you to be happy.

I also create other types of artwork in the above mentioned mediums that can be witnessed in the art gallery.  Pricing again for originals of a given medium begin where you see them above.


16" x 20" $350.00 to start + S/H/I

Other sizes priced as they occur

Purchasing of Originals:


Originals like those found in the Vehicle Gallery, or even the Art Gallery, are priced by piece.  You may notice differences in pricing from a commissioned work to an original or even pieces that are the same size as originals.  Don't hesitate to ask me and I will explain the price differences.

Purchasing of Prints:

Most original artwork is available for prints to be made. The prints are made as a Giclee process, and will be shipped to you from me.  They will be wrapped in bubble wrap and protected by cardboard. Due to aspect ratio in reproduction, picture may not fill entire white space.  All artwork is delivered either by hand (if local), or through UPS.  Shipping charges are applicable, and no matting is used.


4" x 6" $30.00
5" x 7" $35.00
8" x 10" $45.00
8.5" x 11"  $48.00
8" x 12" $50.00
11" x 14" $75.00
12" x 18" $80.00
16" x 20" $85.00
16" x 24" $90.00
20" x 24" $110.00
20" x 30" $130.00

Timeline for Delivery:

As a school teacher and parent of two, I take these two full time jobs very seriously, so during the school year, it is very difficult for me to spend the amount of time I can imagine spending on drawing.  With that said, it is much better to plan ahead for say Christmas delivery, or other events. This type of art does not necessarily have a quick turn around time.  Plan ahead.  Way ahead.  If you want something done, it is best to ask me in the summer months of June, July, and August.

Money Transactions:

Final cost of works depend on your choices of shipping and handling, and payment method, all of which will be added onto the base price of the art work.

Shipping Precautions: 

I will take every effort to make sure that the piece arrives to you in in excellent condition.  Due to glass restrictions, I ship all drawings in an inexpensive plastic poster frame for protection.  This kind of frame however is not a long term solution for your artistic investment.  I suggest that upon receiving your work that you invest in getting it professionally framed with some type of UV protective glass to reduce the effects of the sun and even common houselights on artwork.  For acrylic paintings, they will be wrapped in plastic, bubble wrapped and shipped in a box.  They will be unframed.  The framing is solely the purchaser's responsibility.  I am a visual artist, not a framer.